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October 22, 2013



Bathroom Recordings Vol 1 – Mountain Stranger

  • The Face In Your Wallet
  • Stripes
  • Cover In Dust
  • Springtime Winds Will Make You Disappear
  • Blue Ridge
  • Loose Lip Ballad
  • Bury All These Lies
  • Seats On This Ride

Mountain Stranger is the solo outfit of Baskervilles and Canis Vulpes frontman Lachy Bruce.

In this first volume of Open Grave's Bathroom Recordings, Mountain Stranger crammed in to a household bathroom for three days to create a portrait of modern folk. You'll find more than just guitar strings and sombre tales reflecting off the shower tiles on this 8-track; Listen out for some key bathroom elements, including bathtub percussion, cats and teeth brushing.

Open Grave Records' Bathroom Recordings:

Sure, the isolated sound of a professional studio is a useful thing. But what if instead of trying to kill exterior sounds, we encourage them?
In this series, we create a killer multi-track recording and work just the same as we would in a studio. . But we're in a bathroom somewhere in the world, resulting in a unique document of songs and sounds! 

Mountain Stranger is recommended for fans of The Tallest Man On Earth, The Smith Street Band and Bright Eyes.